Elevating Financial Services Through Tech Innovation


Fintechs have the flexibility to deploy our platforms based on their individual needs and strategic goals. Our global team of experts ensures top-quality deployment.

Trive Credit

Delivering Fintech Excellence with Precision and Expertise

Founded in the UK in 2011, our company has established itself as a prominent provider of fintech technology solutions. With a secondary office in Istanbul, we have expanded our presence, offering a diverse and global perspective to our clients.


Our team is comprised of highly skilled developers with extensive backgrounds in banking and fintech industries. Their expertise is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver robust and reliable solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the financial sector.


We specialize in a range of fintech services, including Core Banking, Payment Technologies, Credit Engines, Credit Scoring, Collections, and CRM solutions. These offerings reflect our commitment to quality and our focus on addressing the comprehensive needs of financial institutions.


Our client base spans across 20 organizations, reaching over a million end-users. This achievement underscores the reliability, scalability, and effectiveness of our technologies. We prioritize the use of advanced, resilient technologies, ensuring our solutions are not only relevant to current industry standards but are also adaptable to future advancements.


Client-centricity is at the heart of our approach. We believe in crafting solutions that align closely with the unique requirements and objectives of each of our clients. This personalized approach is key to building strong, lasting partnerships.


Looking forward, we remain dedicated to providing high-quality fintech solutions. Our goal is to continuously support financial institutions in enhancing their operations and customer experiences, using our technology as a tool for growth and efficiency in the dynamic world of financial services.

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